Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Venice the Series: Season 4, Episode 7

Well Lara’s definitely done things that she can’t erase, but I have a feeling that she's going to try. ...And I'm still making bad opening credits song related puns. My bad. Let’s see what everyone's up to instead.

Somewhere way down the road, Lara pulls off and stops the car. Looking guilty as hell, Lara decides to call Jake. That doesn’t seem like a good decision, but the booze probably isn't helping Lara's thinking. Or Jake is the only person that Lara has to turn to, which is sad. Lara asks him for help. Jake takes a minute to assess the situation and tells her that the only thing she can do is hope that Gina dies. I’m surprised that doesn’t mess his little scheme up. Or maybe it does and he’s being as honest with Lara as he is with everyone else. At any rate, Jake is one cold bastard.

Ani stands behind some police tape. Looks like Brandon is going to have another unsolved crime on his hands. The Brogno family troubles alone are enough to keep that man busy. Brandon tries to get some information from Ani about the accident but she’s shell shocked and doesn’t really know what to do with herself. There’s no way she’s up to answering questions. Brandon eases her toward his car and tells her that he’ll give her a ride to the hospital.

He gives Guya a call first to let her know. She’s upset when she answers the phone, thinking that he’s calling her because he’s talked to Van already. Instead he has to break the news to her that it’s about Gina. Poor man has to break so much bad news to her. Guya doesn’t even know what to say.

Lara is standing outside her car shaking, when Jake gets there to pick her up. He’s as cheerful as ever, calling her hot stuff and telling her that everything will be alright. To her credit – I guess – Lara’s freaking the fuck out about Gina and whether she might have killed her. Less selflessly, she’s worried about whether Ani saw her hit Gina. Jake, the stellar human being, points out that she was driving a rental and that there’s no way Ani’s going to recognize her. Then he declares he’s taking her to Malbec’s for lunch. Lara thinks he’s fucking crazy. Jake just wants to make sure they both have a damn good alibi. Jake and Van should join forces for evil. They have very similar manipulation styles.

Oh shit! I forgot about The Colonel in all this mess. He just found his son dead and now this. He gets up, shaken, to go to the hospital. Sarah walks up and sees his distress. She offers to drive and it’s a good thing because The Colonel looks pretty bad.

Meanwhile, up in the waiting room, Owen is upset. He can’t believe god would let something like this happen. Teddy explains that life isn’t a puppet show and says the driver of that car is the one responsible. Owen doesn’t want her to die. He’s taken this whole death thing pretty well, but he can’t take Gina dying too. He begs Teddy to tell him that Gina won’t die and tells him that Gina needs him. He needs to go back. Teddy says it isn’t possible because there’s something that Owen needs to do there that’s incredibly important and that once it’s done Owen will be free to go. Owen isn’t reassured by any of that.

At the hospital, Guya’s on the phone with Brandon. Still no news about who did it only a vague description of the car. A doctor comes out and informs them that Gina’s stable but critical with a laundry list of injuries. At the moment she only has “chances” of survival. Ani cottons on immediately and is not a happy camper about that. The nurse/doctor tells them Gina’s lucky to be alive at all and leaves. Jamie rushes in and Ani passes along the news just before her phone starts to ring. It’s Alan. Woo.
Alan, who is lunching with Katheryn and Logan. He passes along the news and then says their meeting is canceled. He tells Logan this means they have more time. It’s a good thing. Katheryn gives him a sharp look and Alan responds that it’s a business thing that she shouldn’t worry her pretty little head about it - in so many words.

The Colonel and Sarah are sitting in the waiting room. Sarah thinks he should go and see Gina. The Colonel says he’ll let Guya go in first. Sarah says, Gina’s his daughter and he should do it. But he tells her there’s no hurry. Gina’s not going anywhere and that he’ll get there eventually. Sarah walks away. Something’s eating her. Guya sits down beside him and tells him to go in and see Gina. He puts Guya off too, saying he’s no good at this sort of thing. They argue for a moment, but then they settle, Guya taking his hand in understanding and they share a quiet moment.

Owen is not quiet at all, yelling at the tiny television set about the two of them leaving Gina alone in there. Dude does have a point. Guya gets up to go in and Owen keeps on going off on The Colonel, calling him a pathetic man and father and states that he owes Gina more after she saved his life.

Guya holds Gina’s hand and talks to Gina’s unconscious self, telling her that she has a lot of people waiting for her. Hillary B. Smith kills this scene telling Gina that everyone needs her to wake up, that she needs it. To say that it’s heart wrenching doesn’t do it justice. How much is this like what happened to Katie for her? Surely that has to be rolling around in the back of Guya’s head – or not so far back.

Brandon runs into Van outside the hospital. Van asks how it’s going. Brandon passes it along, but Van can’t let it go without trying to find out if Van knows anything new about Sami. He throws in a dig about finding out who hurt Gina too, just for good measure, even if he couldn’t care less. Brandon makes it clear that he’s not going to let the investigation about Owen go. They reach a détente-for-the-moment as Van walks away. Brandon watches him go.

Guya’s very upset as she comes out of Gina’s hospital room and The Colonel asks her what she thinks. Guya says she can’t stand to see Gina like that and flees the waiting room. Ani had stood up to say she wants to see Gina but cuts herself off as Guya leaves. She wasn’t even talking to The Colonel, but The Colonel’s the one who answers her, telling her no. Gina can’t be upset right now. It’s family only. If Gina wants to talk to Ani after she wakes up, Gina will ask for her. Then he walks away too.

Ani feels about thistall but she sits down again. She might not be able to see Gina but she can’t leave either. Sarah comes back in and says hi, sitting down with Ani. Ani passes along her sorrow for Sarah at what’s happened to her mom. Sarah thanks Ani for sticking around and says she’ll take her mom’s bag off Ani’s hands. It sounds sweet for about half a second until she gets all insistent about it and actually takes it. Alarm bells start going off in the back of my brain and all the moves Sarah have made suddenly become a brilliant con to get access to Gina. So she’s working with Alan right? I wonder if she’s really Gina’s daughter at all. And that's the way my paranoid plotty brain works. Maybe she just really wants to hold her mom's bag? It still seems suspicious to me though.

Then Ani is left all alone again.

Lara gets back into the car. Jake asks her how her meeting went. Lara mumbles something about just getting through it. Jake responds by leaning over and kissing her on the lips. Lara isn’t sure how to respond to that. Jake says something about keeping things normal. I can’t really speak for what’s going through Lara’s head, but I’m thinking she’s thinking that her fiance's brother kissing her isn't so much business as usual.

Huh. I wonder if Gina shot Jake down once and that’s why he’s so personally pissed at her.

Jake insists that they’re going to go visit Gina. No one will be looking at her. Lara is freaking out. All she wants to do is go home. She couldn’t stand to go to the hospital and pretend she did nothing wrong. It makes Jake pull out his trump card and remind Lara that if she doesn’t get her ass up to the hospital Ani might get back together with Gina. Boy, have I mentioned what a cold bastard Jake is yet this recap? ‘Cause is he ever. Damn.

Gina’s still unconscious. A nurse looks at her chart. In the waiting room of the non-heavenly variety, Van reminds his mom to drink her “green stuff” and teases her about how horrible it tastes. It cheers Guya up a little and she thinks him for being there. The Colonel comes and sits down beside her, then declares he’s going to go see Gina now. When he walks away, Guya tells Van what I’ve been thinking – that The Colonel is freaking out because it’s another car accident like the one where he lost Katie. He can’t handle loosing Gina, especially not so soon after losing Owen. The Colonel isn’t the only one freaking out. Guya’s barely hanging on herself.

The Colonel tells Gina they need her bossy self back to take charge of things in the best crotchety dad way. Then he admits he needs her. It might be the best speech he’s ever given her and she can’t hear him. Gina starts to crash and a nurse comes in, running The Colonel out. He heads back into the waiting room as the loud speaker announces a code blue. Ani realizes that it’s Gina and goes running.

Like the rest of us, Owen is yelling at his screen, telling Gina not to die. Teddy just keeps knitting. Maybe he’d rather be watching AMC? Owen says that if Gina doesn’t resolve things that she’ll never be at peace. Teddy says that he should tell Gina that, not him. Owen wtf’s him and then he hears Gina’s voice. She pulls back the gossamer, glitter curtains and steps into the waiting room.

It’s the reunion you really didn’t want to happen. They’re both happy. Gina needed her O…but damn. Owen’s sad too. It was in his not happy enough smile and sad eyes. He doesn’t want Gina to be there as much as he wants to see her. For the moment though, he just holds her.


  1. I thought Ani should have been a little more upset about the whole "Gina gets run over' thing- at the scene and later at the hospital. Also, once again, she needs to find her backbone with the Colonel. Having more Natalia flashbacks.
    Love Owen and Gina together. Not thrilled they killed him off even though he's still on the show.


    1. Yeah, Ani has seemed very Natalia this season. It really stuck out for me in the scene on the beach, after the disastrous engagement party where she's asking the ether what she should do, while playing with her ring. It reminded me of the scene with Natalia in the church right before she takes off Gus' ring.

      I, too, really wish that Ani would find her backbone and make a damn decision already. I get that it's hard and she doesn't have all the information, but the wishy-washy crap she's doing right now is just hurting her and everyone around her.